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David studied graphic design at the Wellington School of Design in the 1980's. He then worked for Wellington Newspapers as a graphic designer and illustrator for many years. Moving on from print media he spent nearly 11 years as  a digital artist working on special effects at Weta Digital Studios. He started as a rotoscope artist, then as a texture artist, helping to bring 3D virtual objects to life.

He has worked on King Kong, Avatar, The Hobbit trilogy, District 9, The Lovely Bones, Tintin and a long list of others.



David has had several exhibitions around greater Wellington. He also exhibits regularly at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. You can visit David in his studio during the very popular annual Kapiti Arts Trail.


Based in Raumati South on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, he now spends more time exploring his own imagination while still being inspired by everyday moments.


Painting commissions and freelance illustration jobs are welcome.

email for more information.

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